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Who is Jennifer Cunningham?

Initially specialising in Health Insurance before expanding into all general insurance products (mainly prompted by repeated requests from her clients), Jennifer has been living and working in Spain since the early 1990s.

Shortly after arriving in Spain, Jennifer tragically lost one of her sons and her husband. She was then faced with the decision to either return to the UK or stay in Spain. With only a widows pension, and a small portfolio of health insurance clients, and no knowledge of computers, Jennifer decided to stay in Spain, with a house in the middle of renovation. Then armed with confidence she did not feel, she gained support from her bank, and concentrated on increasing her health insurance portfolio. With increasing feedback from her clients, she moved into general insurance after being approached by Liberty Seguros. Looking back it is amazing to think that Jennifer started her business firstly in her bedroom, moving to a home office after completion of an extension to her home, and when this became too small, then to her first office in Javea. Then a further move to a larger office in the port and Jennifer now has two offices in Javea port, and a six more office along the coast.

A large part of her success is due to being a hands on Managing Director, who cares. All policies offered by Jennifer and her team have been selected to meet the stringent requirements of the Ex Pats who demand quality, service and support. Both ASSSA and Liberty Seguros have dedicated Ex Pat divisions, which combines with Jennifer's philosophy of straight forward and honest advice, which is also instilled in all her staff members up and down the coast. Both Jennifer and her team are passionate about providing a professional service to all clients. Jennifer is an S.L. company, registered and regulated in Spain. Why not benefit from her vast experience and knowledge of living and working in Spain for many years.

As Jennifer often mentions on the radio and in her articles, Spain is sometimes difficult to live and work in, as of course, it is a vastly different culture, to what we have experienced before.

Jennifer is still a hands-on Managing Director and she keeps herself and her staff up-to-date on the market place, and is always aware of changes to Spanish insurance regulations and laws.

She is extremely proud of her multilingual staff, who enable the company to assist expats of many nationalities, and in compliance with the "Dirección General de Seguros y Fondos de Pensiones (DGS) and the law, Liberty Seguros and ASSSA, both Jennifer and her staff are continually trained for their particular job and specialty.

Having experienced many aspects of life, and like others, made her mistakes, she is very sensitive to the needs of foreigners living in Spain, and always tries to guide them using her vast knowledge.

See Jennifer's regular articles in the local press and tune in on the last Thursday of each month on Bay Radio, if you miss it you can catch up on


Jennifer Cunningham Insurances S.L. Insurance in Spain made simple.


The Jennifer Cunningham Sound Advice Policy.

Always thoroughly check your policy schedule before accepting the documents. Points such as your date of birth and NIE number, the details of your vehicle, and all passengers are covered or the value of your house, contents and valuables are correct. Ensure that your chosen agent / broker provides you with a full copy of the policy wording. Have you been offered Accidental cover? Is your liability cover in excess of € 300,000? Try to differentiate between a company who is just try to sell a policy on price only and at the same time assuring you that the policy offers the cover you think you are going to get. This is not possible and I suggest that you also check your renewal price before it is automatically renewed. Remember, verbal agreements between yourself and an agent will probably not be honoured by the insurer, demand that any special clauses be listed on your schedule. This is Spain, with its own rules and regulations – Spanish Insurance Law is often different to the rest of Europe. For example, all policies are annual, and are automatically renewable unless the insurer is advised in accordance with the contract. Please be careful when opting to go for just price only, you could be in for some nasty shocks when claiming. To further support our clients, we have our own Claims Department. This will save you a lot of time and expense. Be careful but, especially in Spain that you feel secure with your insurance agent. An SL or SA company will offer more protection that just a person with a phone number. To further support you, we now have a separate Renewals Department, ensuring you have a chance to discuss your policy prior to renewal (avoiding automatic renewal). If you have an alarm system, make sure it is always activated when you are away from the home. When you are asleep or go out, ensure that all windows, doors and gates are securely locked.

Much more than just a voice on the phone - insurance individually tailored to suit your needs.

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