Golf Insurance in Spain

A wonderful sport that combines a challenge with relaxation in the company of friends, amidst beautiful and peaceful surroundings, and where the concentration required seems to lift us away from our everyday worries and concerns.

But what would happen if your expensive equipment were to be damaged or stolen, or you suffered an accident on the golf course or even injured another player?

In order to help ensure you reach the 19th hole in a stress and worry-free manner we, in association with Liberty Seguros, are pleased to offer a new Golf Insurance product to give you maximum peace of mind so you only need think about the game – one handicap is surely enough!

All Golf policies include:

  • Public Liability cover of €100,000.
  • Personal Accident cover (€15,000 for death or permanent disability, and up to €3,000 for medical assistance for you and your caddy)
  • Even a payment of €210 towards your bar bill if you’re lucky enough or skilful enough to achieve a hole-in-one in an officially-recognised competition!

Jennifer Cunningham Insurances S.L.
Insurance in Spain made simple.

Liberty Seguros Insurance in Spain
Golf Insurance Spain

A simple annual payment will give you worldwide protection

With up to €3000 worth of golf equipment cover this can be a great top up to your travel insurance as most policies would only give one tenth of this cover for your golf clubs and would not include the accidental damage cover that this policy offers.

Less than two euros a week – should suit you to a tee!