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I personally am feeling very upset about Brexit as no lorries seem to be getting here and English supermarkets are getting emptier and emptier.  Let us hope that they will still be able to continue supplying us with some of our favourite foods at some stage.  Due to COVID, very little is mentioned in the press about Brexit but there must be many companies distraught about the trading conditions. Read more

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Our Home Insurance – Best On The Market

Our fully comprehensive home insurance is the best on the market. Liberty have just added a number of exciting optional extras, which I know that you will find of great interest. Here are some of the extras that you can choose from:- Read more

Unique House Policies

What interesting times we live in and I could add, quite scary times. I shudder when I think that the free world’s peace is controlled by a very volatile and frightening man.  Is it acceptable to threaten another country’s leader via Twitter?  What about the old fashioned way of diplomatic channels and ambassadors, in private?  Still, I am an old fashioned gal who wouldn´t dream of going on Facebook to discuss my private life and to see the office of the US President using social media in this way, when there is a conflict, disagreement, or just lashing out, I find appalling.

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At last a new House Insurance you will find hard to beat

At last a new House Insurance you will find hard to beat, don’t believe me? Then read on

Liberty Seguros have launched their new house policy, many of the benefits you will be familiar with as they are based on an English policy, giving clients even more protection. To start with there are three levels of cover to suit everybodies needs and purse.

I am sure there are many who, when asked do you know exactly what you are covered for, are not sure. There’s no use paying a yearly premium and either not being able to understand the policy, or just taking for granted that any claim will be met. It’s often not until you need to claim that you find out that the policy is not as good as the advertising.

Be aware that every company has a different cover some better than others.

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