Pet Insurance in Spain

Aah, the universal question: are women more intelligent than men? Well, let’s look at the facts – diamonds are a girl’s best friend, dogs are a man’s best friend. I think that more or less settles the debate!

However, if a Fido or Fluffy is your best friend, we can now offer you peace of mind if your loved one becomes ill or has an accident, Public Liability, death, death due to illness and also veterinary assistance in case of an accident.

Veterinary Fees

Vets bills are included, with an unlimited number of claims, including hospitalisation. Boarding Keenel Fees: Kennel/cattery fees will be paid if you or your partner are hospitalised.

Lost or Stolen

Pets need to be found quickly, so local advertising costs and/or a reward scheme will be paid for.

European Cover Available

Plus Worldwide cover for Public Liability excluding America, Canada and Mexico.

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Pet Insurance Spain

Jennifer Cunningham offers pet insurance in Spain designed for the expat market.

Pet Insurance Spain 2So, if your four-legged friend is a very special friend, then why not make sure he can get easy and quick access to the best care available when he needs it and protect yourself from unforeseen expense at the same time?

Available for the first time, choices, to suit you and your pet´s needs. Simply get on the dog & bone and talk to us, or go walkies to your local branch of Jennifer Cunningham Insurances – we’re waiting to hear from you.