Generalis Unique Fully Comprehensive Home & Contents Insurance

Jennifer Cunningham is able to offer three competitive levels of Home and Contents insurance, the Premium level will even cover up to 1000 Euros towards loss of water due to damaged pipes.

Home and Contents insurance in Spain differs from what many of you are familiar with from the United Kingdom. They are specialised policies for the Ex Pat market and differ from the standard Spanish policies.

Generali Seguros has an unique optional extra on both the building and contents, accidental damage.  Many claims that we receive are due to accidents.   It also offers new for old and theft from the property.

We are proud to work with Generali Seguros, one of Spains leading insurers with a special Ex Pats division and taking into account the type of policy that is offered in the UK, Generali has introduced a fully comprehensive house and contents policy, with a number of different options to enhance the policy which will make it unique to you and your individual requirements.

One of the options that may be of particular interest is – All risk specified jewellery items covered away from the home (up to €15,000 maximum with a single article limit of €7200).

The after sales service from Generali is supported by our own Claims Departments and even when it is a consortium claim, we will be there to help you.  We also have a Renewals team who are here to ensure that all your policies are kept up to date and are not automatically renewed as things may change year on year.

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Generali Seguros Insurance

Why choose Generali Seguros for Home and Contents Insurance?

It is a sad fact that some sales people claim their policies include everything but this is just not possible.  Also understand that verbal assurances have no meaning unless in writing by the Insurer.  It is therefore critically important to check very carefully that the cover you think you have is fully-described and set out within the Policy Document, for example, some policies will not cover you for accidental damage, theft, new for old, and severely limit your contents cover.

The policy conditions should preferably be in your own language. This is what you will always get with Generali Seguros who rank within the top five Spanish Insurers.

Alarm systems

Alarms can be important in helping you protect your home.

However, the only alarms that the police will react to is a central alarm.

This is where the provider calls the Guardia when a break in occurs.

N.B. To be able to claim, the alarm must always be activated before leaving the premises.


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