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Community Insurance in Spain

We have a strong background in Community insurance allowing us to advise you on the levels and nature of coverage that you may choose to have and what this really means to you.

Our specialist policy advisors are very experienced and are available to advise administrators/presidents on the best policy for their community.

Our consultants are always available to assist the home owners on the amount they need to insure their individual homes to include contents, thus complementing the community insurance policy.

Special discounts are available for all property owners where we insure their community. The products they would supply are available in Spanish, German, and English.

Insuring with the Liberty Mutual Group, one of the largest insurance and financial services groups in the world, brings you extra peace of mind.


Jennifer Cunningham Insurances S.L. Insurance in Spain made simple.

Available for the first time Liberty is able to offer Public Liability to cover only your communal areas + swimming pool
Does the community insurance cover all your needs?

Does the community insurance cover you

You may just assume that the community insurance covers you for your total home to include contents. We can assure you it doesn't do this completely.

You will require contents cover and we would also recommend a reduced buildings insurance to cover all internal fittings and give you protection against the damages that can be caused by split internal pipes. Remember you could also be liable for damages caused to neighbouring properties.

We have specialists who can help you and your Community in insuring you have enough cover but, especially on liability.

Special discounts are available for those urbanizations who have insured with us on cars and houses.

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