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Marine Insurance in Spain

Whilst enjoying your boat, either just going around the bay or travelling vast distances, you need to feel secure that your vessel is correctly insured. It will be through our Agency.

Contact our Marine Specialist. You will be pleasantly surprised!

It is especially suitable for:
Maritime Rescue Service. Additional Liability Insurance available. Total loss due to theft. Salvage expenses. Personal accidents suffered. Optional Damage Claims Service.

Jennifer Cunningham Insurances S.L. Insurance in Spain made simple.

Jennifer Cunningham offers Marine insurance policies in Spain designed for the expat market.

Feel secure that your vessel is correctly insured.

With the number of boating enthusiats growing daily, dont leave yourself marooned.

We will make sure you and your boat will make it back to port under any circumstances.

Contact our Boat insurance specialist who will advise you on the correct insurance you need in Spain at an affordable price.

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